It is my great pleasure on behalf of the Hong Kong Baptist Hospital to present to you the Golden Jubilee Conference which will take place on 22 June 2013.

The HKBH has been committed to the provision of holistic care to the people of Hong Kong for half a century. We are celebrating this Golden Jubilee Year under the theme and embraced values of “Heritage of Love ● Pilgrimage of Care”.

To mark this historic moment, we will organize our first Conference with the theme "Excellence in CARE". We will, together with invited speakers and participants, share our vision and experience of what should constitute excellence in care, the core business and concern of any hospital.

Registration is open from now until 18 May, 2013.

I look forward to welcoming you at this care-filled Conference!

Dr Raymond Chen
Chief Executive Officer

Date : 22 June 2013 (Saturday)
Time : 09:00 - 17:00
Venue : Lam Woo International Conference Centre, Shaw Campus,
Hong Kong Baptist University, 34 Renfrew Road, Kowloon Tong
Theme : Excellence in CARE

Speakers' abstracts are available here. Please click on the topic shown in the detail programme rundown for download.

Care is the divine mission and core business of a hospital. The Hong Kong Baptist Hospital has tried to fathom what constitutes excellence in care, in order to guide our way forward to accomplish the mission.

As a start, we put into a 5-element conceptual framework what we believe and have followed in the practice of care in the Baptist Hospital. We would like to build and enrich this “excellence in care” concept through exchanging experiences and expectations with fellow carers in private and public hospitals in Hong Kong. We take the Golden Jubilee in 2013 as a golden opportunity to do so.


SAFE Care emphasizes our fundamental duty “First, Do No Harm” as stated in the Hippocratic Corpus. We have to master the basics and manage the risks, and “do things right”, if only to add days to life, and not to compromise life.


HOLISTIC Care embraces our care to the patient’s integral whole. We aspire not only to treating organic diseases or bodily infirmity, but to nourishing the physical, psycho-social, and spiritual well-being of our patients, so as to add life to days.


MANAGED Care ensures the right thing is being done, that our care is planned, organised and delivered to the right patient, at the right time, at the right place, in the right manner and by the right person. The process and result should also be monitored and evaluated systematically, for continuous improvement based on evidence.


ETHICAL Care encompasses our efforts, while delivering care, to uphold to its highest standard, professional integrity with respect to oneself (duty to keep up to date in knowledge as a reliable professional), between professionals (mutual respect and partnership for patient care and medical advancement) and in professional-patient relationship (safeguard patients’ rights and respect their human inherent dignity).


VOCATIONAL Care entails professionalism in the highest order. The undertaking of care transcends from an “occupation” that makes a living, to a “vocation” that is a response to a calling. Passion with love will follow vision, to take the care from good to excellent. This will turn Success (getting what you want) into Satisfaction (wanting what you get) and Significance (fulfilling a life goal).

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