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(Effective Date : 1/7/2017)

Ward Class Daily Rates Deposit on Admission Facilities
TV and WiFi access; Radio(for some rooms)
Standard Ward Standard $6,000  
7-9 beds (Block A, B, C) $800
4-6 beds (Block A, B, C) $820
3 beds (Block A, B) $860
4-5 beds (Block D, E) $860, $930
2-bedded $1,100, $1,180

Ward Class Daily Rates Deposit on Admission Facilities
Semi-Private Semi-Private $12,000
Refrigerator, telephone.
2-bedded $1,630,
1-bedded $1,990
For semi-private 1-bedded : Shared shower & toilet
Private Private $3,080,
Refrigerator, telephone and microwave.
Deluxe suite Private $13,800 $20,000
Refrigerator, telephone, microwave and coffee maker.
Reading corner with office equipment, computers, all-in-one printer and personal electronic safe.
Companion sitting lounge, spacious living and dining area, private terrace.


Ward Class Daily Rates Deposit on Admission Facilities
Companion bed.
Standard Ward Standard $6,000
3-5 beds $830
2-bedded $1,130
Semi-private $1,360 $12,000
For semi-private and private rooms:
Telephone and refrigerator.
Private Private $2,800 $20,000


Ward Class Daily Rates Deposit on Admission Facilities
For standard plus, semi-private and private rooms: Telephone and refrigerator.
For Deluxe Private rooms: microwave
Standard Ward
(7-12 beds)
Standard $800


Standard Ward
(3 beds)
Standard $860


Semi-private $1,200 $12,000
Private Private $2,500 $20,000
Standard Ward
(6 beds)
Standard $650 $6,000
(3 beds)
Standard-plus $860 $8,000
Semi-private $1,200 $12,000
Private Private $2,500 $20,000
Deluxe Private Private $3,880 $20,000


Ward Class Daily Rate Deposit on Admission Facilities
Daily rate is based on the class of accommodation of the mother.
Standard Ward Standard $650
Standard Plus Standard plus $760
Semi-private Semi-private $880
Deluxe Private
Private $1,320
Nursery(Boarding) Standard $1,100 $3,000
Include daily necessities. Charges for medical services additional.
High Dependency Unit/
Coronary Care Unit
Standard $6,800 $20,000
Intensive Care Unit Standard $11,000 HK Resident : $50,000*
Non-HK resident :$100,000*
Any person transferred from area outside Hong Kong :$100,000*
*ICU deposit is additional for internal transfer from other ward to ICU
Day ward Standard $480
Special Deposit:
General Non-HK Resident Standard Class: $50,000
Private/Semi-private: $70,000
Maternity Advanced deposit for maternity booking required.
Please refer to "Maternity Unit Schedule-for Admission Charge"
HK Residents $3,000
Additional admission deposit required on admission as
follows (depending on room class) :
  • Standard $3,000
  • Standard-Plus $5,000
  • Semi-private $9,000
  • Private $17,000
Non-HK Residents $3,000
Additional deposit of $35,000 to be paid on admission
Mainland China $38,000
“Confirmation Certificate on Delivery Booking” will be
issued after advance deposit is paid
Preterm Delivery
(<34 weeks gestation)
$30,000 (Additional on admission)

* Effective Date : 1/3/2018

* Room photos (For reference only)

Notes :


Bed charge does not include doctors ’fees, investigative tests, treatment procedures, medications or any other hospital services such as supplies, meals, accompanying lodger, etc.


Bed charge will be levied on daily basis from day of admission with cut-off time set at 12:00 midnight. On discharge day, check out time is before 1:00 pm. One day bed charge will be levied if patient is discharged after 1:00pm. Patient who is discharged on the same day after admission, regardless of the length of stay, one day bed charge will be levied.


Charges on tests and procedures for Standard Plus, Semi-private and Private / Deluxe Private Classes are approximately 15-25% (Standard Plus), 30-50% (Semi-private) and 60-100% (Private) respectively higher than that of the Standard Class.


If bed transfer is requested, a handling fee will be levied.

You are welcome to inquire hospital service charges with our staff, or browse the “General Hospital Charges List” of our web site. All charges and contents are subject to revision without prior notice.

Hospital charges are payable once every 4 days, patients are required to pay the bill asap.

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