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Clinical Pastoral Education

Hong Kong Baptist Hospital is an accredited Training Centre of College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy and is an affiliate member of the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, Inc. (ACPE)

What is CPE?

CPE provides a reality that helps learners:

To reach out people and practice pastoral care.
To accompany and support wounded people who are seeking holistic healing.
To become members of the caring and professional medical team.

CPE provides an opportunity for reflection that helps learners:

To examine the pastoral role how one’s ministerial style affects the people to whom one minsters.
To exercise faith dialogue with people who have different faith traditions.
To strengthen theological reflection learn to explore and reflect theologically when one’s values, beliefs and assumptions are challenged by others including people in crises.

CPE provides a learning environment that helps learners:

To learn pastoral care for patients and families under quality supervision.
To involve in peer group learning through which evaluates how one’s pastoral style and personality affects one’s ministry.
To understand, through various learning activities, the roles and the functions of chaplaincy ministry in the holistic medical service.

CPE History and Development at HKBH

1987 The Hospital Board and the Christian Activities Committee fully supported the development of Clinical Pastoral Education at HKBH. The Rev. Ying-Chung Kai supervised the first CPE program at the hospital and regularly offered CPE programs to chaplains, ministers and seminarians.

1990 HKBH was the first hospital in HK to recruit a Certified Supervisor from the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, Inc. (ACPE) to come to supervise the CPE program, which helped the program reach to the international standards. Hong Kong Lutheran Theological Seminary and The China Graduate School of Theology agreed to grant credits to students who completed our CPE programs.

1995 CPE development at HKBH reached another milestone by signing an agreement with the University of North Carolina Hospitals through which ACPE accredited and recognized our summer CPE programs. Hong Kong Baptist Theological Seminary granted credits to students who completed our summer CPE programs, retroactively to 1990.

1998 HKBH terminated the agreement with the University of North Carolina Hospitals and focused on developing CPE within the local context.

1999 A supervisory team from the Pacific Region, ACPE came to evaluate the CPE program at the hospital. The evaluation suggested that our CPE program met the standards of CPE as consistent with those developed in the United States and Hong Kong. The supervisory team certified Chief Chaplain Ms. Frida Lai-Fong Yuen as CPE Supervisor and highly appreciated the hospital’s support and resources for the CPE development.

2002 The Rev. Van Wai-Chuen Lo, a Chinese ACPE Supervisor, has become our staff to help develop different levels of CPE programs, which demonstrate an integration of Eastern and Western cultures and meet the international standards.

2003 HKBH increases to offer level I & II CPE to three times a year. The hospital has become an International Affiliate Member of The Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, Inc., U.S.A.

2005 HKBH extends to offer Year-Long Residency.

2008 HKBH extends to offer Supervisory Education Program.

2009 Tam Young Mei-Po, Ph. D., Diplomate Supervisor of the College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy (CPSP) joined our faculty. HKBH became a CPSP accredited clinical training centre.

2011 HKBH extends to offer Parish CPE Program

2012 HKBH offers Parish CPE Program in Macau through partnership with Macau Bible Institute, Assciacao Medica-Crista de Macau and CWM/Nerthersolo Fund.

2013 HKBH offers CPE Extended Program (half-unit).

How does CPE work?

CPE emphasizes an integration of theory and practice. Clinical experience, seminars and assignments are important learning resources. Each CPE unit is built on these structures.

Clinical Experience

Pastoral Visits at Primary Clinical Assignment

Each student will serve as the primary chaplain for an assigned clinical area to provide pastoral ministry to patients, families, and staff on the unit, both by taking initiative and by responding to requests and referrals. Students are encouraged to understand and assess the emotional and spiritual needs of others and to provide relevant care and support to them based on one’s personal strengths and conceptual understanding, which manifests the values and the sincerity of the Gospel.


Didactic Seminars
Students will meet and interact with different professionals in a formally structured setting for a variety of topics such as medical knowledge, CPE history and development, hospital ministry, pastoral relationships, crisis and bereavement care, and related pastoral care and counselling issues. Individual presenters may request for pre-seminar preparation and classroom discussion.
Case Conferences
Students will meet in a large group to regularly present clinical cases for discussion and reflection. This seminar is designed to help students learn the skills of asking for, giving, and receiving feedback, and to enhance pastoral skills and professional teamwork.
Individual Supervision
Students will meet with individual supervisors on a regular interval to discuss one's clinical work, learning reflection, and personal issues relating to the ministry practice. Interpersonal Relations Seminars Students will meet regularly as a peer group to learn to trust and to use others for one's learning. In these seminars, students will learn to give and receive support, clarification, and confrontation that brings forth one’s understanding and acceptance of self and others, and enhances one’s pastoral functioning.
Theological Reflection Seminars
Through different forms of reflection practice, students learn to cultivate a discipline of theological reflection that helps develop experience-based reflection on life story and ministry, in dialogue with different theological perspectives.

Programme Categories

With reference to the Standards of The Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, Inc. and College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy, we offer Level I & Level II CPE, and CPE Supervisory Education. Participants may enroll in Extended Unit, Intensive Unit, and Year-long Residency programmes.

For enquiries, please contact:
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